Oh Odisha

Welcome from India! I am interning for 5 weeks and traveling for one week, for a total stay of one and a half months. I am happy to be here, even with it being the hottest time of the year–a few days ago it was 39.5 degrees Celsius, which is equivalent to  103.1 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, I have seen tourists few and far between. Eyes continuously goggle at me wherever I go. They must think, foolish western girl, you need lots and lots of sun tan lotion. Well, I have yet to apply suntan lotion during my stay here, and I am holding out fairly well. However, at a grocery store, a sales woman asked immediately if I wanted suntan lotion. They take one look, and think to themselves, “what does she think she’s doing”?  Well, sometimes I ask myself the same question. Time and time again I throw myself into over-the-top situations, sometimes without much forethought, but it has led to great adventures and has helped me grow substantially as a person.

Now, I am about to help myself to my second cup of chai of the day. I drink an exorbitant amount of chai here, but ah, is it tasty. Twice a day it is served to me at work, so who am I to turn it down? Also, it provides energy, since the heat is quite debilitating and fatigue strikes daily. Even so, I accomplished much work yesterday. I finished my research design, and I began creating a survey. Now, I am waiting to hear back from my boss for the clear on my research design. Therefore, I am just “chilling”, and have decided to work on tasks that I had meant to get to for a while, tasks that I had not prioritized time for in the past. For example, this blog.


A view of Bhubaneswar, Odisha, from caves I traveled to via bus Sunday evening.

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